Texans lose Clowney in victory over Redskins

The Number One pick in the 2014 draft, Jadeveon Clowney, will be for the foreseeable future after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

The Texans jumped out to a  14-6 halftime lead before closing the game out with a 17-6 victory at home.  This week figures to be a bit more difficult a task as they face the team their former starting quarterback now plays for.  Matt Schaub was traded to the Raiders earlier this year.

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Texans post another loss

The Houston Texans pulled out all the stops to try and secure a victory against the Oakland Raiders including pulling Case Keenum and replacing him with Matt Schaub.  Keenum was not playing bad at all and through the third quarter had completed 13 of 24 passes for 170 yards, a touchdown and an interception.  Hardly reason to pull him off the field.

If any one section of the team was faltering it was the Texans defense which was picked apart by Raiders rookie quarterback Matt McGloin who fired off 18 of 32 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns.  Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak, who was in the booth for the game, called down to the field and had them replace Keenum with Schaub.

“What was happening was, we had to make a lot of changes from a protection standpoint to handle some of the things they were doing,” Kubiak said after the game. “Trying to create some tempo and do that.  And it made it very tough on Case, in my opinion, being a young player.  I knew that  Matt could get done some of the things that I wanted to get done, real fast, and to give us a chance to win the football game.  So that’s why I did it.”

Schaub went on to finish the game but in the 4th quarter, after missing All Pro wide receiver Andre Johnson with a pass, got into a verbal confrontation with the receiver.

“We just exchanged some words,” Johnson said. “It’s just the heat of the moment; once we got in the locker room we talked about it. I’m not worried about it; me and Matt have played a lot of football together. Things like that happen, I think there’s a lot of frustration going on, and I think it happened because of frustration.”

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Texans ready to face Colts Sunday Night

The Houston Texans used their bye week to heal some bodies and add to a depleted roster.  Added this week were three running backs (Dennis Johnson, Deji Karim & Roy Graham) as well as two inside linebackers (Tavares Gooden & Jeff Tarpinian).

“Well, two of them (running backs) couldn’t play right now, so somebody’s got to play,” Head Coach Gary Kubiak said. “We better start getting these young guys ready and we’re concerned about special teams health really. We’re talking about three guys that should help us on special teams.”

The Colts are also coming off a bye week and the week prior beat the then undefeated Denver Broncos.

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