Schaub launches foundation at Texas Children’s Hospital

Texans quarterback and his wife, Laurie, announced the launch of their GR8 HOPE Foundation on Wednesday at Texas Children’s Hospital.

The foundation’s focus is on providing resources and support for children with medical needs. The Schaubs will help develop a new GR8 Hope Family Room at Texas Children’s west campus in the Barker-Cypress area.

“After being here for four years, we really wanted to take in the community and figure out the pulse of Houston and get ourselves versed in various organizations,” said Schaub, who joined the Texans in 2007. “We’ve always talked about our own foundation and trying to figure out our niche and what we wanted to support, and when we had our daughter last year, it really was a natural fit for us.”

Texas Children’s Hospital provides care for children from all over the world. Patients have ailments including congenital heart anomalies, diabetes, cancer and rare “orphan” diseases.

“It breaks your heart to see some (of that),” Schaub said. “But I’ll tell you what: These kids, they’re probably the most inspirational… they’re the first ones to have a smile on their face and enjoy life. They really grab at your heart, and just to go and visit with them and put a smile on their face and uplift their day, it’s the best thing in the world.”

The Schaubs plan to be as hands-on as possible in their partnership with Texas Children’s, as Laurie Schaub mentioned the possibility of having a “Movie Night with Matt” among other activities. Laurie has been a regular volunteer at the hospital for the past few years.

“It’s been great,” she said. “We meet families, and I know that the number one word that we kept hearing is ‘hope,’ whether it be amongst the families or even a child life specialist. GR8 HOPE is going to be about happiness and bringing healing.”

The GR8 Hope Foundation’s first event will be the “Hope Can Heal” Gala and Golf Classic scheduled for May 1-2. All proceeds will go toward building the family room at the hospital’s west campus.

“We are so grateful to have Laurie and Matt Schaub as partners,” said Laura A. Shaford, Texas Children’s Hospital vice president of development. “This (playroom) will be a beautiful place of respite and healing for children: A no-lab coats, no-white coats area, where kids can go color, play, have fun with their siblings, watch movies. I think the Schaubs will be visiting as often as they can, and they’re also putting their wonderful touch on it with some of their great football treasures and some of the themed items that will make it feel like the Schaubs’.

“They have huge hearts, and when they come out here and they see the children getting tests, in wheelchairs, coming out of the O.R. (operating room), you can just see in their eyes that their hearts are really with those children. So they are really hands-on with the foundation. They’re very informed and thoughtful about the decisions they make. They felt like the playroom was a place that they could make a great impact with our kids.”

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