Texans take out Dolphins

The Houston Texans have come out this preseason and shown that they are already in regular season form.  Having an especially good day were the teams quarterbacks..all of them.  The combined efforts of Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates and Case Keenem produced a 26-38 for 326 yards effort.  Their combined QB rating was 110.2.  That’s impressive.

While Schaub has locked up the starting job, the backup position is still up in the air.

“TJ’s solid again, Case makes some really nice throws in there,”  Head Coach Gary Kubiak said. “The easy way for me to answer that is to say they’re both doing their jobs. They’re making it really hard on me, and that’s a good thing for our team.”

Star Linebacker Brian Cushing returned to the field for the first time since Game 5 last season. He played 10 snaps and picked up a tackle.

“I’m proud of him,” Kubiak said. “For him to go out there and get hit on and stuff like that was a big step.”

The Texans next face the New Orleans Saints on Sunday August 25th. Tickets are still available.



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